SAP ABAP Consultant


(SAP ABAP Consultant)

  • Around 7 years of strong SAP ABAP development experience in FICO, SD, MM, and HR modules.
  • Expertise in Full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) implementation of SAP R/3.
  • Heavy experience in ABAP/4 Interfaces development, Data Conversions, Enhancements, User Exits.
  • Extensively worked on Interactive Reports, ALV and dialog programming.
  • Good experience on BAPI, ABAP/4 Object programming.
  • Multiple projects on Data Migration with BDCs, Legacy System Migration workbench (LSMW) for data upload for various SAP Projects.
  • Heavy good experience in Data Dictionary.
  • Experienced in using various modularization techniques like subroutines, Function modules, RFC’s and class modules.
  • Good Knowledge of configuring EDI, ALE and IDOC’s Interfaces.
  • Good experience in Dialog Programming, designing and developing layouts and forms using SMARTFORMS SAP Scripts.
  • Expertise in performance analysis and tuning using various debugging tools like run time analysis and sql trace.
  • Experienced in Benefits, Payroll & TIME Management.
  • Hands on Experience in Travel & Expense and Event Management.
  • Experience in HR upgrade data conversion for the Time evaluation results data from versions 3.x to 4.6C.
  • Knowledge in Java, J2EE.
  • Good Experience using ABAP/4 Workbench Tools, reporting, customization, conversion and data extraction.
  • Excellent Trouble shooting and debugging skills.
  • Good Knowledge in using CATT.
  • Excellent communication and time management skills with strong analytical, problem solving and decision making capability
  • Good Understanding of both business processes and technical development.

    ERP:SAP R/3 Ver. 3.1B to 5.0 ECC. ABAP/4 Reports, SAP Scripts, Batch Data Communication and Dialog Programming, Smart forms, LSMW, BDC, BADI, IDOC,BAPI, User Exits, ALV Reporting, CATT, ALE and EDI, SCM 4.1
    Languages: ABAP/4, C and C++, JAVA, My SAP.
    Database: Oracle 8i/9/10g, DB2, SQL Server, MS-Access and MS-Excel
    Operating Systems: UNIX (HP & Solaris), Windows 2000/NT, Windows 95/98/XP Professional
    Web Technologies:HTML, XML, Microsoft FrontPage, Visual Inter Dev 6

    Client Name From Date - To Date
    Senior SAP ABAP Consultant
    Modules: FICO, PM, PP, MM, SD, HR, BI
  • Developed a BI report to change the object directory of a selected object and also added an option to change the object directory of all the objects in a specified package using the Function module ‘TR_TADIR_INTERFACE’.
  • Developed a BDC program to read the file in the Unix Directory and upload that file into Time Confirmation IW44 transaction. The program will submit the BDC automatically and even emails the BDC Count Log if it has any errors.
  • Developed a Report to extract a Work Order File for the Payroll Time Entry Validation based on the selection criteria and save the file onto the Unix Directory.
  • Developed a Report to generate a positive pay file which is required by the cash department to cut checks and ftp this file to the Bank on a daily basis. Also created an option to archive the file in the UNIX directory.
  • Developed a Vendor Master Update program to populate the Vendor Master Banking Reference Detail with ‘CTX’ when blank. From the F110 ACH payment proposal. This Vendor master Update program emails the Users with the report attached and also archives the file in the Archive Directory.
  • Developed a program to process and reformat the AP file which comes from Concur Software FTP site to a up-loadable layout format and place the file in the Unix Directory to process the file and also email the errors with description if the input file has errors.
  • Developed a program to download all the Work Orders and WBS Elements created on a particular single/range of dates and place the file in the Unix Directory for the FTP script to run and send the file to Concur Software FTP site for processing.
  • Developed a Filenet-Sharepoint Conversion program to create URL attachments links to all LFA1, BKPF and BUS2054 objects in the TOA03 cross-reference table. Also changed the pointers of all the File net objects into Microsoft-Share point Portal where we have the corresponding scanned document(Invoices, Po’s )
  • Worked on LSMW for updating the User master data and roles from the legacy system to SAP R/3 system using transaction code SU01 from a MS Excel sheet.
  • Performed the Runtime Analysis and SQL trace and analyzed the performance of Programs, Screens and Function modules created in ABAP/4 Workbench
  • Worked on designing ALE/IDOC interfaces for various systems to facilitate data transfer. Testing of inbound and outbound process while dispatching IDOC'S from one system to another system.
  • Created sales order using standard IDOC (orders05) and Distributed customer master and material master data pertaining to particular plant/company code across multiple R/3 systems using filter object type.
  • Developed User Exits, Which will automatically assign the Order type with Purchase Order Number while making a PO using Customer Functions.
  • Developed User Exits While Making Release Strategy, After Release the Purchase Order if any lower level changes the PO gives Information message and exit the screen.
  • Applied the SAP OSS note for DST (New Bush directive for early Daylight Savings Time).Applied the notes 1022730 sap note Time Zones DST rule for NA and another note 198411 for current data and info about Time Zones and another note 919538 SAP OSS Note DST start end in USA and Canada 2007.These notes were applied for early daylight savings time in USA and Canada on March 10th to be applicable from March 11th 2007..
  • Configuring Communication Settings for 2 ALE systems, maintaining the Local System, allocating the logical system to the clients, setting up the RFC destinations, Port Definitions.
  • Developed a real time interface to bring out Purchase orders from SAP to different external systems. Developed a custom IDOC type and function modules for this purpose.
  • Details of Purchase requisition, Contracts & Purchase orders were pulled into this system for Validation & further processing by calling BAPI’s.
  • Environment: SAP R/3 4.6c

    Client Name From Date - To Date
    Senior SAP ABAP Consultant
    Modules: SD, PM, PP, MM, FICO, WM
  • Worked on up gradation project and upgraded ABAP objects from enterprise 4.7 version to ECC 5.0 version.
  • Developed Shipment details report which displays material code, material description, stock and transaction as per the client requirement.
  • Developed PP Reports for Calculating Component Consumption in different Stages.
  • Developed PP Screens & Logic for Production Order Confirmation for Liquid metal, Billet and Rolling Stage (CO11N). This is a total Z development for Order Confirmation.
  • Worked on to Add Fields in Production Order Information System (COHV).
  • Developed a custom report for running FTP UNIX shell script in SAP and also access the SAP Database .
  • Developed a report to define a command for each operating system like UNIX , MSDOS using SM69 and test using SM49 transactions..
  • Developed Interactive reports for stock value list, stock quantity available and material document list.
  • Worked on LSMW for updating the customer master data from the legacy system to SAP R/3 system using transaction code XD02 onto a MS Excel sheet.
  • Developed BDC program to load material master data from a Flat file into SAP from legacy system using call transaction.
  • Developed BDC program for transferring the vendor master data to SAP R/3 system using batch input method retrieving from MS Excel sheet.
  • Developed an interface using IDOC and ALE to pass out the goods issue data from SAP to the legacy systems.
  • Set up and monitored the communication links between SAP and other systems using IDOC/ALE for Master Data maintenance and EDI Transactions.
  • Modified the layout set MEDRUCK for purchase order information to add company address and the logo. Included standard text according to the user requirements.
  • Implemented BAPI_SALESORDER_GETLIST to get list of orders and details for a customer.
  • Modified the SAP Smartform HRF02_PRINT_TREE which is used to HR Forms:Print Trees
  • Using SMART FORMS HR_F03_PPFF for the function module FB_MIGRATE_FORM which migrates all SAP SCRIPT forms automatically.
  • Used the Standard SAP Script form F110_US_AVIS for Payment Advice not and modifies to the buisiness requirements
  • Used the Standard SAP Script form FI_FAX_COVER_A4 and called the FI_MIGRATE_FORM and Copied modified extensively the Standard SAP script layout sets and their corresponding print programs.
  • Used BAPI’s for fetching the material description information of a material and fetching the material category to the ESS
  • Customized Screens for Vendor master and Customer master were created using Screen Painter and Menu Painter.
  • Environment: SAP R/3 5.0 ECC

    Client Name From Date - To Date
    Senior SAP ABAP Consultant
    Modules: MM, PM, PP, FICO, SD
  • Developed reports in SD open sales order that covers all organization levels, delivery status Shipping details and partner function details.
  • Developed reports for stock transfer orders, bill of material reports, general postings and sales order adjustments.
  • Developed an Interactive Report that displays all the sales orders for one particular customer, items for that particular order, quantity ordered, goods issue date, and contact information about that customer.
  • Developed ALV reports for purchase orders to compare the ordered quantity with the received quantity.
  • Developed User Exit to calculate discount rate based on customer type.
  • Developed a BDC Program to upload Material Master from a Flat File to an SAP System.
  • Developed an outbound IDOC to extract the material category results.
  • Developed BDC Programs to update and change Customer Master Data by Call transaction for transactions XD02 and FD32 to update KNA1 and KNKK tables retrieving from MS Excel Sheet
  • Designed and implemented data migration from legacy system to SAP R/3 using BDC from a MS Access and Flat File. This includes studying the source data in external system and subsequently identifying and mapping the corresponding Transaction, Screens, and fields in the SAP system.
  • Created a Smart Form to generate benefits enrollment/confirmation letters.
  • Used the SAP Smartform Standard FT_COM_FETR which is used to generate a New Form.
  • Used the Standard SAP Script form LVSTOSOLO to print an individual from the material inventory
  • Created the SAP Scripts PO_Invent and saved the made changes to the purchase order layout
  • Involved in the designing the layout for the material description.
  • Configured and tested the ALE interface to support distributed processing. Carried out Material Master reduction and distributed the same among different destinations using EDI, ALE and IDOC
  • Environment: SAP R/3 4.7ee

    Client Name From Date - To Date
    SAP R/3 ABAP/4 Consultant
    Modules: PM, MM, FI/CO, SD
  • Developed a report to check current moving average standard price and purchasing frequency of purchased material and to revise the ordering frequency of materials.
  • Developed a report to display the stock status of the materials including the stock on order.
  • Developed a Shipping performance report.
  • Created a Report, which prints the entire PO and the PO amounts for vendor/vendors for a specified date range. It states Rebate settlement report.
  • Developed reports to list Sold-To party and Ship-To party based on sales area Data Conversions & BDC
  • Written ABAP/4 function modules to convert vendor and customer data fetched from legacy systems to the format readable by standard BDC programs, RMBIKR00 (vendors), RFBIDE00 (customers).
  • Designed BDC programs to upload customer master data.
  • Developed a BDC call transaction program in MM to load Material Master Data into SAP system from legacy system.
  • Involved in writing Batch Data Communication programs for transferring the vendor master legacy data to SAP R/3 system using Batch Input method.
  • Performance grading and testing of reports under ABAP/4 Using features such as SQL Trace and Runtime analysis.
  • Environment: SAP R/3 4.7ee,Unix, Oracle 9i

    Client Name From Date - To Date
    SAP ABAP/4 Developer
    Modules: SD, MM, PP
  • Developed a Batch Input Program to upload Vendor Master Data from legacy system to SAP R/3 database
  • Created a SD-PP - Order Progress Report for Configurable Products -- This report will help to track the Customer Purchase Order from the Sales Order creation upto the delivery stage. It will show how much time it has taken in every stage.
  • Created a BDC program to change vendor address, to create project plan data using flat files from legacy system.
  • Program to check the Co-product indicator in Material master
  • Program to change the Price control indicator in Material master.
  • Program to create BOM’s
  • Program to create Production versions to all materials and assigning Apportionment structure to Production versions in Material master
  • To reverse the Goods receipts done to a process order, the settlements that are done on the process order have to be reversed. To reverse the multiple settlements a program is developed to do the settlement reversals.
  • Report on List of Purchasing Document and Delivery Schedule Report
  • Developed a report to display the list of Purchase Organization, Document Type and Account Group according to the Purchase Order Creation Date.
  • Environment: SAP R/3 4.7ee, Unix, Oracle 8

    Client Name From Date - To Date
    SAP R/3 Developer
    Modules: SD, MM, FI/CO
  • Developed forecast report in raw materials. This report gives the detail materials and opening and closing stock and consumption on a monthly basis.
  • Developed reports in project systems, which summarized the costs related to purchase orders, purchase requisitions, and reservations in detail for every project.
  • Sales Order Authorization Design: This program releases every item on a sales order for processing only after it has been approved by a desired level of approvers and also gives the user a list of all approvals due at his/her end.
  • Prepayment Campaign Backup Summary: This report provides details regarding the Billing Summary information for various items on the document. The report uses the sales document as the input parameter and prints the Escalation backup summary for every item on the sales document.
  • Environment: SAP R/3 3.1,UNIX, Oracle 8

    Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Bangalore University, India - 1998


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